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Falchaat is an online portal of fruits where one can select and purchase a wide variety of fruits merely sitting at Office and home. We aim at making the lifestyle of our customers much more simpler. With the ease of a click, fruits reach your doorstep with the facility of home delivery, saving all the muscular and time-consuming tasks.
We believe that our customers deserve the best of services in the form of well-washed Fruits, which are cleaned, Untouched Assorted and Hygienically packed giving importance to keeping them fresh all throughout. Does our team focus to keep? maintaining the best quality at the top priority at each stage of operations and specioally for the concern of the health of our customers.
It is also a step towards the dream of a ‘Digital India’, to start with a ‘Digital Jaipur’. Our efforts, thus, deserve the faith and confidence of our customers.


Exclusive Fruit Catering
Cut – Fruit Box
Fruit Bouquets / Hampers
Fruits Bulk Delivery

Fruit Menu

Indian Fruit’s

  • Water Melon
  • Disco Papaya
  • Rani Pineaaple
  • Sarda
  • Kinnaur Apple
  • Kandhari Anaar
  • Black Grapes (S)
  • Green Graps (S)
  • Strawberry (S)
  • Guava (S)
  • Orange (S)
  • Litchi (S)
  • Mango (S)
  • Cherry’s (S)
  • Rasberry’s (S)
  • MuskMelon (S)
  • Babugosha (S)
  • Jamun (S)
  • Chickoo (S)
  • Plum (S)

Imported Fruit’s

  • Aust. Pers
  • U.S.A. Red Globe Grapes
  • Thai Dragon Fruit
  • New Zealand Kiwi
  • Spain Mini Orange
  • Thai Logan Litchi (S)
  • Thai Sweet Tamarind
  • Aust. Plum
  • Washington Apple
  • Fuji Apple
  • Arab Kimia Dates
  • Japanese Fruit (S)
  • Aus. Peach (S)
  • Thai Guava

Exotic Fruit’s

  • Mango Steen
  • Rambutan
  • U.S. Cherry
  • tar Fruit
  • Avocado
  • Passion Fruit
  • Blue Berry’s
  • Red Berry’s
  • Black Berry’s
  • Rose Apple
  • Imported Mango
  • Fig fruits (Anjeer)

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